Full-cycle sales department

We specialize in taking care of any issues related to the sale of apartments in residential buildings still under construction

Our experience

Since 2015, we have been actively using the Realtor-Developer interaction model, which is implemented in the form of a Full-Cycle Sales Department based on a real estate agency with exclusive rights to sell a set of residential buildings under construction
Main criteria for operation of a sales department based on a real estate agency
Sales concept development: a detailed analysis of pricing for a residential development. Choosing an optimal implementation strategy
Coordination of actions is carried out by the developer
Advertising budget: an advertising campaign agreed by the parties, with monthly emphases
One-stop-shop service. The entry point for the buyer is a unique phone number, a unique website, a unique pitch, etc.

What are the benefits

Advantages of the "Full-cycle sales department based on a real estate agency with exclusive rights to sell a housing complex under construction” model
Participation in development of apartment layouts and integrated development concept, taking into account the real estate market demand
Growth of sales or at least stability of sales volume as a result of providing the buyers with a complete range of services via the real estate agency, namely arrangement of mortgage financing, selling of traded-in properties of the buyers, transaction support, electronic registration of transactions
The real estate agency’s staff is highly skilled and outcome-oriented
Reduction of developer's expenses corresponding to the maintenance of a sales department (payroll and taxes)
Reduction of developer's reputational risks
Do you have an interesting project? We will assist you in figuring out its intricacies and tight spots and we’ll suggest favorable arrangements for our cooperation.