Property Selection, Sales, Rental

We will take care of all the hassle that any operation with your property entails, so you could spend your time on more important or more interesting things

Buying an apartment is easier than it seems

Buying an apartment involves making difficult and important decisions. Doing it through Zyryanova Real Estate Bureau means that you will face fewer risks, see more options, and the purchase procedure will be less exhausting
Your benefits
We check the property titles and weed out any properties that have an obscure or ambiguous history
We point out any flaws or deficiencies of residential properties that are not apparent to an inexperienced person
We control the timings and procedures that the parties have to fulfill to complete a transaction
We help to raise additional funds or even to obtain a mortgage on favorable terms

Selling an apartment at maximum price – it's doable!

Proper appraisal of a property, its pre-sale preparation, and active selling are the three strategies that allow us to sell properties at the highest price the market will accept
Correct appraisal of property amounts to 78% of progress in achieving a successful sale
We make use of a system of real estate collaboration - other realtors contact us when they have interested solvent purchasers
We offer your property as a matter of priority through our buyer database
We prepare the documentation and run effective advertising
We save your time
  • Olesya Krasnomovets
    The Bureau did a splendid job! One can immediately feel the professional approach. The expert was very charismatic and made me feel at ease: all the documentation was properly prepared, and the work went quickly and smoothly!
  • Dinara Loginova
    It is great that the Bureau has an individual approach to each client. Its specialists work so much better than the staff of other companies I’ve tried. What makes the difference is the VIP treatment I get at the Bureau.
  • Marina Khamova
    Each time I contact them, I am certain that they will find something that suits me 100%. The Bureau’s specialists love what they are doing and sincerely care about the client. Their level of professionalism is enviable!
Please, feel free to consult our specialists if you have any questions or doubts - it is free of charge!
Our Advantages
We are maximalists in the proper sense of this word, because we understand that only by joining our efforts within the framework of a new company will we achieve our individual goals
Transaction Safety
Our experts carry out a preliminary risk assessment before formalizing a sales contract Each employee of the Bureau undergoes specialist training in the Ural Chamber of Real Estate in the system of voluntary certification and certification of the Russian Guild of Realtors
Constant Market Presence
Successful and progressive development of our company has been ongoing since 2010
Appropriate Real Estate Appraisal
We determine the market value of real estate based on current price dynamics and previous transactions that our specialists had supported
Each person is unique and has his or her own style of interaction and collaboration We always focus on our customers’ unique features and needs, and offer each one of them a convenient collaboration option
Effective Advertising And Pro-Active Work Methods
Our specialists will help you to reduce the time required to sell or buy a property
We respect each participant of the real estate market and stay informed of any changes in real estate legislation
Assured Results
Our work is conditioned by the need to satisfy our client and achieve a conclusive fulfillment of the client’s task
In the course of closing a deal we act on behalf of our client, while taking into account the interests of other participants of the real estate market