Consulting Services

Integrated system solutions for development projects, asset portfolio operation and formation of real estate assets

Investment consulting

Experts of Zyryanova Real Estate Bureau offer advice on investing in real estate, support and formalization of transactions
Our specialists work in different segments of the Russian market, support inter-regional and international real estate transactions. They have accurate information on the current market situation, price dynamics, liquidity and profitability of unique and standard properties, peculiarities of transactions in different jurisdictions

Expert consultations

In 6 out of 10 cases our experts are asked for advice: should residential property be sold or bought at the current time, how to invest in commercial property and how to best handle it in the future. Real estate players always have many questions and situations to discuss. And our experts will always find the correct answers and give pertinent professional opinions. After all, we work exclusively in the interests of our clients!
Services we offer
Development of a strategy for managing and developing a real estate portfolio
Generation of alternative concepts

Commercial management

We make comprehensive decisions and adopt only clear-cut property management strategies that allow to generate the most income from ownership and operation. Our main task is to increase the investment attractiveness of a property and profit from its use.
Our professional experts will help you to thoroughly analyze the market and determine all the pros and cons of acquiring a property. Based on our knowledge and experience we will advise you on making the right investment decision and help you choose the most profitable and least risky option
growth of the portfolio of commercial managed properties in 2021
Services we offer
Detailed review of a property and development of solutions meant to increase its profitability
Formation of an owner-tenant interaction system
Shaping the communications while optimizing the rental policy
Please, feel free to consult our specialists if you have any questions or doubts - it is free of charge!