Carreers at The Bureau

We value our employees who competently solve complex problems on a daily basis, as well as we value the trust of our clients, which was achieved by the joint efforts and professionalism of our close-knit team!

Your experience taken to a new level

Our company has developed an effective system of in-house training and professional development. It consists of internal training and mentorship, basic training at the Ural Chamber of Real Estate, and additional corporate arrangements.
Services we offer
We provide any newcomer who joins our company with and experienced mentor. The mentor’s task is to introduce the newcomer to the profession, to teach and support him during the initial phase
For those who do an internship at our company there is a program of in-house training. It includes sections on legislation, economics, and ethics, lectures and workshops on Yekaterinburg’s real estate
New employees are get compensated for attending the mandatory training program of the Ural Chamber of Real Estate where they are taught the basics of the real estate agent’s business and are granted a real estate agent’s certificate (license) upon completing the program
Those agents who have the best results in a trimester or year receive valuable prizes and awards
Members of our team constantly work on improving their professional skills and acquiring new knowledge
The Bureau has a consolidated corporate spirit that gives us powerful competitive advantages

Our Team

Zyryanova Real Estate Bureau is a close-knit team of professionals providing high-quality services within the framework of an effective management model
Services we offer
We are outcome-oriented and maximalists in the proper sense of this word, so we understand that only by joining our efforts will we achieve our individual goals
We treat each market participant with respect
We work strictly within the legal framework and always keep abreast with the latest changes in real estate legislation
In the course of closing a deal we act on behalf of our client, while taking into account the interests of other participants of the real estate market
We maintain long-term relationships with our clients to be able to help them with any newly emerging housing issues
We ensure that every transaction we support is legally correct and safe
Our contracts comply with the applicable legal requirements and regulations
Our professional liability to clients is insured
We employ an array of advanced efficient tools in our operations. We help to reduce the time required to sell or purchase a property, correctly appraise a property based on current market situation and previous transactions supported by our staff
Our reputation is confirmed by client testimonials that you can see on this website