International and Interregional Transactions

Do you want to buy real estate in another city or country, but do not know how to do it? We are always there to help you!

Real estate in other cities and countries

We have been working with foreign real estate since 2013. Our specialists are always ready to give an expert assessment of the current market in Dubai and help with choosing a property to purchase or invest in. And this is just one of the many countries we can help you with! We are ready to showcase them to you and help you along the entire path!
Currently the Bureau experiences a surge of demand for real estate in other countries and regions. The value of having professional assistance in this segment is especially high. Few people have sufficient information on the market of other regions, far-away cities or foreign countries, and a professional with up-to-date data, knowledge of the market and established business contacts in the area comes very helpful, for he knows how to select properties there, what it takes to properly formalize a deal, how to minimize the risks and what measures to take against any scam artists.
Yekaterinburg is one of Russia’s top five cities in terms of the number of buyers looking for foreign real estate
for own use
for investment purposes
for obtaining a permanent residency
Services we offer
Consultations, expert recommendations on the choice of real estate in other regions and countries
Market price analysis
Determination of an optimal period for selecting and purchasing a property
Assistance in property selection and transaction planning
Arrangement of viewing appointments
Verification of the property’s title and the owner
Contract preparation
Arrangement of payments
Submission of documents for public registration
Not just in Yekaterinburg, but also in Moscow
Our Moscow office is located at: 12 Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment
Zyryanova Real Estate Bureau operates in Moscow, too Employees of our Moscow office are ready to provide you with a complete range of services - real estate selection, sales and rental/lease. The Moscow office is conveniently located in the downtown at 12 Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment (World Trade Center Moscow)
  • Olesya Krasnomovets
    The Bureau did a splendid job! One can immediately feel the professional approach. The expert was very charismatic and made me feel at ease: all the documentation was properly prepared, and the work went quickly and smoothly!
  • Dinara Loginova
    It is great that the Bureau has an individual approach to each client. Its specialists work so much better than the staff of other companies I’ve tried. What makes the difference is the VIP treatment I get at the Bureau.
  • Marina Khamova
    Each time I contact them, I am certain that they will find something that suits me 100%. The Bureau’s specialists love what they are doing and sincerely care about the client. Their level of professionalism is enviable!
Please, feel free to consult our specialists if you have any questions or doubts - it is free of charge!
Our Advantages
We are maximalists in the proper sense of this word, because we understand that only by joining our efforts within the framework of a new company will we achieve our individual goals
Transaction Safety
Our experts carry out a preliminary risk assessment before formalizing a sales contract Each employee of the Bureau undergoes specialist training in the Ural Chamber of Real Estate in the system of voluntary certification and certification of the Russian Guild of Realtors
Constant Market Presence
Successful and progressive development of our company has been ongoing since 2010
Appropriate Real Estate Appraisal
We determine the market value of real estate based on current price dynamics and previous transactions that our specialists had supported
Each person is unique and has his or her own style of interaction and collaboration We always focus on our customers’ unique features and needs, and offer each one of them a convenient collaboration option
Effective Advertising And Pro-Active Work Methods
Our specialists will help you to reduce the time required to sell or buy a property
We respect each participant of the real estate market and stay informed of any changes in real estate legislation
Assured Results
Our work is conditioned by the need to satisfy our client and achieve a conclusive fulfillment of the client’s task
In the course of closing a deal we act on behalf of our client, while taking into account the interests of other participants of the real estate market