Legal Services for Businesses

Something went wrong and you need legal help? - We are at your disposal!

For legal entities and unincorporated sole proprietorships

Specialists of the Zyryanova Real Estate Bureau will help in solving real estate issue of any complexity!
Solutions we offer
Economic disputes (representation in arbitration court, including defense counsel)
Resolution of disputes concerning performance of contracts
Labor disputes (recovering due payments, reinstatement, unlawful disciplinary sanctions)
Representation of interests within the framework of Russia’s 44-FZ and 223-FZ (procurement activities, review of unreasonable rejections, assistance in processing applications, challenging unilateral refusals by a customer, collection of penalties, etc.)

Legal support of cadastral works

This is another major segment of the services we offer. We are actively developing it in order to enable our clients to formalize or amend their property papers correctly and as promptly as possible
Coordination and legalization of redevelopment and reconstruction
Changing the properties from residential to non-residential status
Land disputes
Surveying, cadastral registration of newly formed land plots
Solutions we offer
Elaboration of contracts of any type, support of negotiations and transactions
Correction of technical errors in registry through judicial procedures
Changing the category and zoning of a land plot
Cadastral registration and registration of rights to horticultural facilities and individual housing
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