We’ll solve any real estate issue you have anywhere in the world
Since 2015, we have been actively using the Realtor-Builder interaction model, which is implemented in the form of a Full-Cycle Sales Department based on a real estate agency with exclusive rights to sell a set of residential buildings under construction

Full-cycle sales department

Our experience has shown that by the time of commissioning, the inventory balance amounts to approximately 0.5% of total sales
We provide services for arranging and implementing the formalities of acquiring of residential premises from their owners in the context of eminent domain land acquisition and demolition of buildings

Resettlement of residents to make way for new construction

Housing problems, family relations, real estate transactions, business, labor disputes, taxation - our competent and experienced professional will assist you with these and other issues. We will help you find a way out in situations that seem to be a dead end!

Legal Services for Businesses

Zyryanova Bureau uses integrated system solutions for development projects, asset portfolio operation and real estate asset formation

Consulting Services

We are maximalists in the good sense of the word, because we understand that only by joining our efforts within the framework of the new company will we achieve our individual goals
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How we work
The main criterion for evaluating our work is finding a successful solution to your real estate or housing problem. We are outcome-oriented, so you pay for the services of a real estate agent only after the deal is closed
We protect your interests
We ourselves conduct the negotiations and take measures against any manipulations that could result in you loosing money
We do not misinform you
We evaluate the feasibility of your plans in advance and suggest to you the optimal solution
We do not waste your time
We prescreen the apartments, and only after that invite you to inspect them. You see only those properties that are worth your attention
We report to you on a regular basis
You always know how much work has been done, and how much progress in solving your housing issue we have achieved